Otago Harbour Community Caretakers: celebrating locals looking after their harbour

WHO: This exhibition celebrated the work of two community groups who look after the Otago Harbour. It included two sections, one created by the Healthy Harbour Watchers (a group of high school chemistry students and some teachers and other adults who regularly monitor the harbour’s water quality), and three Dunedin schools who were trying to have the harbour made into a marine protected area. The exhibition outlined the work each group was doing, displaying artwork and writing from the students involved, as well as posters and videos made by the students.

WHERE: The exhibition was hosted by Toitu Early Settler’s Museum, and was displayed in one of their special exhibitions spaces throughout October 2015. It was an add-on to their large exhibition on the history of Otago Harbour called Life of the Edge.

WHAT: The exhibition used all three and a half units, as well as three plinths. Twelve light boxes were used to display artwork and writing from the primary school students, graphs and data information collated by the high school students, as well as photos of those involved in the projects. Plywood boards were hung from the panels and used for signage, as well as display of information and other content. No additional structures were used in the exhibition in addition to The Sandpit


The exhibition allowed the two community groups to share their work with the wider public, thus telling their story and having their voices heard.