Look Beneath the Surface: caring for your coast with MM2

WHO: This exhibition was made in collaboration with the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre and the Marine Metre Squared (Mm2) citizen science project. Exhibits were created by the Marine Studies Centre, by Science Communication Masters student Ali Rodgers and by Kaikorai School after they had participated in Mm2.

WHERE: The exhibition was hosted by the Otago Museum, and displayed on the upper level of their atrium area through April and May 2015.  

WHAT: The exhibition was created to help visitors find out how they could care for their coast by participating in the Mm2 project. Two units were used for the exhibition, as well as all five plinths. Separate plinths were used to display brochures, as well as the required equipment, colouring books and pencils that could be taken home, or used on the plinth, and a horizontally mounted light box full of plasticine marine creatures created by Kaikorai School.

Nine additional light boxes were mounted on panels, and displayed a range of content, from a selection of shells and other creatures you might find in your Mm2 to photographs of and information about scientists who use the data collected through the project. Both iPads were mounted on units and used to display videos about Mm2 and the communities who take part. The TV was also used, and displayed a range of videos of various shore life.

In addition, a number of alternative methods of content display were used. These included mounting three large sheets of corflute board to panels with 3M removable backing strips for display of various content including a large map and a selection of photos and writing from a school who took part in Mm2. A large, interactive “sandpit” was also created for the exhibition, which stood alone on the floor, so that visitors could explore it to find and identify common shoreline creatures and plants. 


The final exhibition was a family-friendly, interactive space where adults and children could come to learn more about their local shoreline and what they can do to help protect it.