Glorious galaxiids: our native fish as you've never seen them before

WHO: This exhibition allowed visitors to find out more about the little native fish that live in their local waterways through a diverse collection of creative works. The collection of work came from a wide range of creators from throughout the community, from local children who love the little fish, to scientists and university students who study them, to city bus drivers, to science communication masters students.

WHERE: The exhibition was hosted by the Otago Museum, and displayed on the top floor of the atrium there throughout July and August 2015.

WHAT: Two units were used for this exhibition, as well as a number of light boxes and plinths for display of various artworks. The pieces ranged in size from a very tiny wooden galaxiid (the size of a real baby galaxiidae whitebait) to an enormous galaxiid chandelier that hung from the ceiling of the museum. The chandelier comprised over 2000 tiny Perspex galaxiids, each individually hung on nylon hooks hung from the structure’s frame.

One of the more interactive pieces of creative work was a fish ID section, which showed five photos, each of a different galaxiid, displayed on a board, with five more photos of those same fish hanging from the board. Visitors were challenged to pick up each hanging fish and identify its match on the board, which was no easy task!


Glorious Galaxiids was a chance for the community to collectively raise awareness about this often-overlooked tiny native fish through art and creative expression.