In collaboration with the Centre for Science Communication, The Sandpit was designed and built by the team at innovation workSpace.

The Sandpit is made up of:

  • self-supporting, modular but interconnecting display walls and a ‘slot-in’ professional wire/display box with built-in lighting (lightbox) mount system for 2D and some 3D work.
  • free-standing display plinths for horizontal display of lightboxes.
  • display mounts for iPads (for both viewing & listening to digital media, as well as engaging with comments blogs, responding to surveys, sharing questions, opinions, stories, observations, ideas, etc) and for a large flat-screen TV unit.

For instructions on how to assemble and use The Sandpit, click on the documents below:

Sandpit Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Sandpit How to Hang Content and Add Text (PDF)

Sandpit iPad Instructions (PDF)