Why is it a Sandpit? 

In sand we play with ideas, sculpt different perspectives, collaborate and build new things. 

Sand moves across boundaries and anyone can build with sand. 

Sand captures deep impressions and yet it is always moving.


The Sandpit was dreamed up by the Centre for Science Communication (University of Otago),

created by the Otago Polytechnic (workSpace), and funded by the Lottery Grants Board. 


The Sandpit is a fast and flexible exhibition design, a platform to curate ‘short sharp’ events. Its physical infrastructure facilitates ‘slotting-in’ material for efficient but effective display that also promotes interactivity.

Purpose-built display units provide gallery-quality display, and the space offers interactive capabilities for participatory interpretation that asks the public “what do you think?”.

A key feature of The Sandpit is its mobility. Display units create a cohesive space, but are designed to be modular and mobile to occupy different public venues. 




Standing screens – 12
Lightboxes – 15
iPads – 2
Television screen –  1
Display plinths / Box seating – 6


Film screening
Object display
Art exhibition
Interactive components
Information panel display